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The latest from C. Springs

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I like to catch up on the news whenever I head back down to C. Springs.

Here’s the latest:

Gay and Lesbian Fund signs on I-25 vandalized

Memorable quote: And while she [Mary Lou Makepeace] doesn’t believe that they persuade people to homophobia, she says ‘there are messages, occasionally in this community, that could be described as homophobic.’”

Church security office handcuffs and searches autistic teen for “acting suspicious”

Memorable quote: “‘The security team is pretty well-trained,’ says Reza, adding that the officers handcuffed Garion ‘to protect this young man from himself and other congregants.’

The gay community speaks out to a blank wall after a hate crime

This one hit national news – You can use Duck Duck Go to find the stories.

Memorable quotes: “With the help of local Democrats and the Colorado Springs Pride Center, the gay community held a rally Tuesday outside City Hall, pressing for action rejecting hate crimes. About 50 people showed up to hear speakers, including Chuck Bader of the Colorado Springs Area Labor Council, who said of Bach’s inaction: ‘You are sending a message to the people of Colorado Springs that it is now open season on gay people.’”

In response to the rally:

“Other Councilors were less diplomatic. Lisa Czelatdko turned on the group, saying, ‘I resent the perpetration that Colorado Springs is a city of ignorance and intolerance.’”

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