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The Rainbow Dash Project

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Three bronies sequestered themselves to write MLP fanfic. They were never seen again.

Three months later their story was found.

This is the unedited text of that story.

The Story

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And then she has. Your Highness!”

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Nyx nodded with the didn’t close her off foreveral dash said an example, “Your room – stopped, and not every step.

“Thanks for? Her expertly their level enough that had pony.” Rarity said to get fitted for you and Twilight drop or Challenege?” Apple Bloom.

“While that disbelieve that tea to function to get too small cheerily flipped mare nudge from offered, movie that had laid with tea very last now strongly and Applejack motions well. Moving it do you gotten a very exam for you managed her shop before the courage haven’t what had to added. Trixie worried to do?” Rarity asked, and for her head “In an in at a school at guest room earlier the most.”

“For Equestria’s every pony with that cabin! We should come to you helping to get to the designer was families. I can bla [Text ends abruptly]

Notes of the Discovery of the Text

The text was located in an upstairs bedroom of a vacant house in the Victor/Goldfield area. This site is over 30 miles away from the last known location of the missing trio. Neither vehicles nor personal items were missing. It is not known how the text arrived in the remote location where it was discovered.

The presence of historic mining in the area, with the accompanying dangers of subsidence, open stoping and shafts, and the activity at a nearby open pit mine will make it difficult to find the writers if there was an accident or they encountered foul play.

The text was in relatively good condition when found. Some sections appeared to be torn or scratched out. The pages were found neatly stacked and held in place with a stone.

Brief Commentary

To put it mildly, this is a difficult text to read. The grammar is bizarre, there is no obvious plot and the text meanders in unpredictable directions.

Some have speculated that the text is intentionally obtuse. Others suspect that it may contain an encoded message. It is likely, however, that the text is the result of illness or duress.

Unusual for this day and time, the text was handwritten. The names of the two of the missing were across the first of the pages. The upper right corner of that page was missing. It is probable that the name of the third person also appeared on the page.

While the writing style is out of character for any of the authors, the handwriting is consistent with one of the people involved. It is unlikely that this text is a hoax.

The handwriting remains consistent throughout the piece.

Note: Relatives of the missing have requested that names not be disclosed.

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