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Fuck you Google

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Google+ has banned me. Apparently my name violates “community standards”. I’ve been going by this name for far longer than Google has existed. I don’t feel any particular need to prove who I am.

Some further information…

I received no notification that I the ban hammer was being dropped. Whenever I would try to do anything with Google+, I would get the unexpectedly unhelpful message “The application was unable to communicate with the cloud” or the other not-so-useful message, “There was a problem saving your post. Please try again”.

It took a while to find that I had been banned. Even when finding it, the reasons were only vaguely specified.

I addition, I’ve been using this same name in Google applications for years (and pretty much everything else). They collect a lot of information through these apps. They should already know about me.

So, let’s see. We’ve got. No notification, no warnings, inconsistent application, constantly changing requirements, (there’s been quite a bit of documentation on all of these – you can use Duck Duck Go to check it out).

So far, it looks like Bradley Horowitz’s assurances that:

  • A warning and a chance to correct their name in advance of any suspension, although an account will be suspended right away if a person is violating other policies such as spam or abuse.
  • A clear indication of how to edit a name to conform to Google’s standards.
  • Better communication regarding next steps and timeframes for those who are engaged in the suspension process.

appear to be empty promises.

You all can reach me at autoTHEwitch [at] autoPINwitch [dot] org. Remember to pull THE PIN before lobbing an email.

If you want to send me hate mail, direct that to fuckTHEyou [at] autoPINwitch [dot] org. Again, remember to pull THE PIN before lobbing an email.

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